Okay people, it’s happening: I’m starting a podcast. I’m gonna do a show with Tess Barry and we’re gonna have oodles and oodles of fun, obviously.

“Thank God,” I can hear you say. “The world needed another podcast.” To that I say: Shut. Up. We’re doing it and we’re excited about it and you should tune in. I don’t know that we’ll have a theme song, so our opener might be done à la Law & Order:

We all know that brunch is damn delicious, but honestly, is there a time of day when cinnamon rolls and omelettes and slices of french toast aren’t what you want in your mouth? Nope! I think people just like feeling classy about being drunk before 1pm. And in that spirit, we give our guests their choice of bottomless bellinis, bloody mary’s, mimosas, or screwdrivers for the duration of our show. Or just orange juice. It’s Sunday. It’s 10am. And this is Lazy Brunch Hour.

There is one more cool little thing about the show. Because we’re going to be recording out of Mutiny Radio, you’ll also be able to listen live. It’s a radio show! No, it’s a podcast! NAH, IT’S BOTH! I’ll talk to you soon.